Google Chrome will have support in Windows 7 until 2022


It is a fact that Windows 7 is giving its last blows, although it still receives updates to run longer. Yes, there are still people willing to pay for Microsoft’s improvements to their operating system, but you also have to enlist the help of application developers. This is where we have Google, who has decided to keep Chrome support for Windows 7 until 2022.

Longer life for Windows 7

When a company makes a good product it knows it by the acceptance of the customers and the support of the developers. At that time it is difficult to know if that product will have a successor and if it does, what percentage of people will switch to the new version. This is what happens in the case of software, where we have the case that is being lived in Redmond. Windows 7 has been one of the great operating systems to date and many users do not want to jump into the generation that has been with us for more than 5 years.

But of course, this does not only depend on the American house, it must also be counted on that there are still companies that support the use of their system or at least the users who still use it. With this in mind, it is time to talk about the case of Google since it has extended the support of Google Chrome for Windows 7 until 2022. The operating system was scheduled to say goodbye in 2021, but with the present pandemic it is possible that everything will drag on the Mountain Viewers don’t want to leave any user behind.

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As we can see in the graph presented by 9to5Google, there are very few who are still on the bench of the ‘not updated’. Only 22% of the people surveyed are in the process of updating their operating system, and 1% of them are thinking about it today. The answer of many would be to jump right now and stop paying for operating system security updates.

Of course, most are companies that are waiting for the moment to take the leap and as the company of the big G says “we hope that this extension will give our business clients the flexibility they need to continue supporting their workforce, while moving from Windows 7 as their situation allows. “


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