Google Chrome will get a new feature soon


Google Chrome, the most popular internet browser, will make it easier to secure and manage your passwords with the new update it will receive. Google gets new password features with Chrome 88 to maximize your security.

Google Chrome is more secure with new update

Google already offers some useful password protection features in its Chrome web browser. For example, it can help you create strong passwords and save them when creating a new account.

In this way, you can easily create password combinations without having to remember a letter or number sequence.

Google Chrome is introducing a few new features that can help you easily access and manage all your saved passwords with the upcoming update Chrome 88. The new upcoming update is expected to be available for iOS or desktop users soon.

With the new update, when you click the key icon under your Chrome profile icon, you will be directed to the password manager. Also, the new Chrome will now notify you to change compromised or weak passwords.

In addition, you will be able to go to the relevant website by clicking the “change password” link in the “check passwords” section on Chrome, and thus edit your login information. In this context, Google will check your old passwords that you may not have changed for a long time and will suggest a strong password for you for a new one.

Google also simplifies the password manager so that users can quickly and easily manage all their login information from one place. First, some desktop users such as iOS and Chromebook will have the update, which will be available for Android users at a later date.


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