Google Chrome Will Fix Your Hacked Passwords


Google Chrome: During Google I / O 2021, Google unveiled news for the Chrome password management system on Android. In addition to identifying passwords that have been leaked or are weak, the browser will now allow you to change your password quickly using the Google Assistant.

The novelty promises to make life easier for those who have used the same password for years and ended up having their data leaked or stolen. On compatible sites, Chrome will change the password in the manager itself, without having to go to the portal where the login is performed.

Currently, the user is redirected to the site and needs to change the password manually. With the help of Google Assistant, the web giant wants to make this process easier.

How it works?

The process of identifying compromised passwords remains the same as always. The user needs to enter the Google Chrome settings on Android and click on the “Passwords” tab.

To check if any of your passwords have been leaked, the user needs to click on “Check Passwords”. The system starts a scan and identifies all passwords that are dangerously weak or have already appeared in leaks.

If one of the compromised credentials is part of a site that supports Google Assistant, an AI symbol will appear with the suggestion to change the password. With the user’s consent, the tool creates a secure password, which is stored in Chrome.

According to Google, the novelty uses Duplex technology, which also brings other stand-alone functions to Google Assistant. Google said the tool will be rolled out gradually in the United States, but will be widely released over the next few months.

The system of easily changing passwords is not the only new feature for Google Chrome’s native password manager. The tool will also receive automatic checking for insecure passwords and support for importing data from other credential services, such as LastPass.


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