Google Chrome version 85 update released


Google Chrome, which we use on our computer, tablet and phone, gives surprisingly positive results with its new update. With the released Google Chrome 85 version update, it will use less resources and work faster. There are also changes in the programming language of Google Chrome.

Google Chrome version 85 update released

Google Chrome, where users have raised a rebel flag about consuming processor and memory resources, has changed an important issue with its new update. The first of these was Profile Based Improvements. Thanks to this change, the browser will run its code faster.

This module, which was first added using the Visual C ++ programming language with Google Chrome 53 version, has been converted into the Clang programming language with the new version. This change means that the browser performance has increased significantly.

google chrome 85 sürüm güncellemesi

According to the new statistics of the change, the new version of Google Chrome runs 11.4 percent faster on Windows and 7.7 percent faster on Mac.

In addition to the performance improvement, the new version of Google Chrome now supports tab grouping and tab preview functions.


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