Google Chrome Tests Widgets With New Designs For Android


Google has released widgets with new designs for the Chrome browser on Android. The news is being implemented slowly among users of the Chrome 95 beta version.

The initiative includes a widget with a 5×1 aspect ratio and shortcuts to Google search, anonymous mode, voice search and Lens. There is also a 5×2 size option that has the same features and a button for the famous dinosaur game. Finally, the little monster game without internet also has a dedicated 2×2 widget.

Android Police claims that some features of the interface may be omitted depending on the device’s screen size — Lens is missing from the image above. The old widgets didn’t undergo aesthetic changes, and the new ones cannot have the order of shortcuts changed.

If the customer is part of this variant of tests, but does not have access to the resources, it is possible to activate them manually through the experiments page by typing “Chrome://flags” in the app’s search bar. Next, enable the “Quick Action Search Widget” and “Dino Variant” tools — these “flags” are provided in the stable version of the app, but do not currently work.

The aesthetic update was originally seen in the Chrome Canary 93 release, but some buttons didn’t work. The new widgets are similar to those already available on iOS. That said, the company recently updated the look and feel of these features across several services, such as Drive and Keep, standardizing the look for Android 12 with the Material You language.


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