Google Chrome Tests Tab To Save Lists and Sites For Reading


Google Chrome: Recently, the Canary version of Google Chrome started testing a new side panel that promises to organize your bookmarks and reading lists. The feature is still unique to Chrome Canary and can be enabled through Chrome Labs.

To activate the function, just open Chrome Canary and click on the kitasato — the triangular laboratory bottle — in the upper-right corner of the browser. After restarting the program, the news will be available in an icon next to the profile. The user can also type “chrome://flags/” (in the address bar) if they can’t find the Chrome Labs symbol.

The dashboard will show, in an organized and clean way, your favorites and a list of readings, in which you can bookmark websites and pages to access later.

Works offline

Lists can save pages for offline viewing and work simultaneously across devices using the same browser profile. You can also mark pages that have already been read so you don’t get confused later.

If you believe that your browser’s view might become cluttered with the panel, just close the feature, and it will continue with the tabs marked for reading and with your favorites.


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