Google Chrome Tests Google Lens on Desktop Version


Google Lens News; Long available in the Android Google Chrome version, Google Lens helps you quickly search for images and copy text found in images. Google started testing this feature on Windows and Linux with Chrome Canary 94.



What is Google Lens?

Google Lens is a camera-based artificial intelligence application also available in Google Photos Apps on Android. It allows you to search for what you are showing a picture of. For example, you can scan the picture to see the varieties to learn the names or other types of living things, such as plants or animals, in your surroundings.

You can easily read and copy the texts in the pictures. In this way, you can quickly copy the text in the picture and send it to someone else.

Thanks to artificial intelligence, the lens sees the item you show, copies it to its memory, uses Google’s infographic for this process, and finally puts what it sees in the physical world into the search box. It will easily show you similar models of the items it puts in the search box.

Until now, the Lens app has used a Smartphone Camera and artificial intelligence technology to do these things. Google, Lens is now coming to the desktop version of Chrome.


How Can I Activate Google Lens Search for Google Chrome Desktop Version?

  • Download the current version of Google Chrome Canary from this link.
  • When you open the application, type “chrome://flags” in the search screen and open the page.
  • On the screen that opens, find and activate the “Search your screen with Google Lens” tab as you can see below.
  • It will ask you to restart the browser. Confirm and restart the application.

How to Use Google Lens Search in Google Chrome Desktop Edition?

  1. Option 1: Right-click anywhere on the screen and select “Search part of the page with Google Lens” from the options. The screen will go black, select the section you want to search with the mouse. When you complete the selection process, it will show you the options it finds through a new tab.
  2. Option: If the object you are looking for is similar in the images, you can search with two options as shown in the video below; You can press the Lens icon in the upper right of the image you find the first one. This way you can see the options below the image. The second option is right-click on the image and select “Search for images in Google” from the options. It will show you the options it finds through a new tab.


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