Google Chrome T-Rex game, great with different weapons


A new mod makes Google Chrome’s T-Rex game even more entertaining thanks to a good number of objects

The dinosaur running game that wakes up when there is no connection is an Easter egg for Chrome users, but someone decided it needed an update.

By means of a mod or modified version called Dino Swords we have seen a great update, which was created by a partnership between the Internet collective MSCHF and 100 Thieves that gives the adorable pixelated T-Rex a variety of weapons to use, the which are tied to various keys that players can use, but there is a catch, some of the weapons will deal self-damage.

Google’s Dino game is the final holdover from the golden age of things like Addicting Games and Miniclip, in the view of Daniel Greenberg, MSCHF’s chief strategy officer, adding that modifying the game is simply making it more real.

The Dino game feels like a classic web browser game from an earlier era, when mini Flash games dominated the attention of netizens for quite a few years.

Dino Swords, the Chrome game mod

That’s why Matthew “Nadeshot” Haag, owner and CEO of 100 Thieves, says that Dino Swords is his version of the classic game of running with Chrome’s dinosaur, but much more extravagant by including 26 weapons to help players in their careers. .

Many of the weapons pay homage to the most iconic of classic video games, some are fully functional and some are completely useless. There are even some Easter eggs that are quite difficult to unlock.

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The arsenal that goes into the game is almost ridiculous, but the 100 Thieves team hopes that the people who play it will have fun.

There are some amazing prizes for people who can prove that they are the best Dino Swords players in the world, Nadeshot noted, although it’s unclear what those prizes are.


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