Google Chrome should win search for active browser tabs


Are you the type to open guides as far as the eye can see? If so, a future update to Google Chrome should benefit you.

Okay, today it is already possible, on desktops, to type in the address bar and, if the keywords match the title of a tab that is open, switch directly to it. But the focus of this tool is still, primarily, to offer search suggestions or URLs from your history.

But, according to what was seen in the official browser repository, the search giant is working on an update that will allow highlighting a pop-up interface to search exclusively for active tabs. Thus, the filtering will be done exclusively by the content already open in the browser, without further suggestions.

For the comments inserted in the update of the browser in the repository, currently Google tests the novelty in ChromeOS, internally. This means that when the novelty is released, at first it will be destined for the company’s notebook operating system.

Until reaching the stable channel of the browser there will be a long way: first the update should be released in Canary, the most unstable version of the application. Later in the beta versions of Chrome, and finally in the public browser.

In any case, Google has a tradition of releasing news faster than we think, and whoever is a “digital accumulator” who does not know how to get rid of his precious guides can now count on mixed desktop research.

Remember, a very useful update recently brought the media control widget, which allows you to control content from the top bar shortcuts without having to hunt down the guide responsible for a song or video.

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