Google Chrome promises fewer resources in version 89


One of the biggest problems users see when using Google Chrome is the number of processes it opens. In case you don’t know, every time you open a tab the program acts as if you were opening a new window and you dedicate a lot of resources to it even if you don’t pay attention to it. This is a problem for the performance of your computer, which means that it reduces its performance. But everything indicates that the Mountain View firm is behind a new update that reduces this excessive consumption.

Goodbye to excessive consumption of Chrome

If your computer is one of those that does not envy others in power, the Internet browser may not be one of the applications that concern you the most. And it is that if you have resources to move anything you will only have to take a look at the connection and little else, but when you do not have the resources you need you may have to take a look at what you need to open and what you should leave to a side.

Luckily, if you use Google Chrome, you will stop having the problem of resources from version 89. And, according to what the American firm says, they want their browser to be more efficient and that is why it will reduce the consumption of resources from machine. Specifically, according to statements provided by Product Manager Mark Chang, the system has been optimized with low allocation latency, space efficiency, and security.

It can also recover up to 100MiB per tab thanks to the memory of the tabs that are not being used. This is achieved thanks to a new way of processing pages that involves discarding the loading of heavier images to load them when the page goes live.

A novelty that reaches everyone

The best thing about the arrival of a new data efficiency system is that it will reach all users on all platforms. Yes, the Mountain View company has caught up with its browser updates and the best thing is that it not only reaches the popular Android system or ChromeOS, it also reaches Windows versions and Apple systems. For this reason, you have the device in which you move the browser, surely you end up noticing that your experience is much faster.


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