Google Chrome Overtakes Safari On Mac For The First Time


Google Chrome: There has always been a continuous struggle to know which is the fastest browser on the Internet. It is not for less, since there are many developers that make their application available to users to navigate the Internet, but there is always one faster than another. But today the question is surprising since for the first time there is a browser for Mac faster than Safari.

Google Chrome, the new fast browser on Mac

Every user on an Apple device knows how important apps around the house are. The bitten apple optimizes all its applications to the maximum in order to offer those that offer superior performance to the rest of its competitors, something that it does with ease. But now there is something that has gotten out of hand and that is the title of having the fastest browser on your computers.

Safari was, until now, the fastest application to show you all the content that you could see on the Internet. However, from what they tell in 9to5Google, the speed meter of the bitten apple has determined that version 99 of Chrome reaches up to the 300 points. This mark is high, correctly outperforming the company’s software by about 21 points.

The secret of the new speed of Chrome

Chrome for Mac has improved a lot in recent versions. All this is facilitated by the development of its ThinLTO optimization system. Its function is none other than to optimize the coding of the pages you visit to prioritize the loading speed of these pages.

The tests were carried out on a latest generation MacBook with the M1 chip and no less than 32 GB of RAM, two characteristics that make it a very powerful and fast machine when it comes to data processing.