Google Chrome makes it easy to change user profiles


With the latest update for Google Chrome, it is easier to switch between user profiles. Thus, having a personalized experience on common computers used by more than one person becomes more effortless.

It is worth remembering that Chrome profiles are nothing new to emerge. Users have long been able to switch between Google accounts and move their themes, histories or add-ons to different devices or shared computers. Thanks to the profiles, it is also possible to synchronize settings between devices.

Google is refreshing this experience a little more with its latest update. Now, every time Chrome is launched on devices with more than one profile, a profile selection screen will appear for users. Here you will be asked to choose a profile or continue as a guest.

In addition, users without a profile will be encouraged to create a profile as well. After users create their profile, they will be able to set the main color of the profile with a single click.

The latest update for Google Chrome also expands the Reading List feature’s coverage. This feature was previously only available in Chrome’s iOS app. It will now be possible to benefit from this feature on Android and Chrome.


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