Google Chrome makes it easy change weaker passwords


It is not the first time that we have warned you of how important it is to keep passwords safe. Entering a site by registering as a user is necessary to access its most basic services, but you must take care that your credentials are secure. If you enter from an application you may not have the possibility to save your data, but if you do it from Google Chrome you should know that Mountain View helps you see and change the most vulnerable passwords.

A new way to change your passwords

Password and username always go hand in hand on the Internet. In recent years we have seen different software companies become aware of the use of programs that manage your passwords, but the important thing is that you have them in your head. If you opt for the software option, it is not bad, and now they give you more possibilities to access those that are most vulnerable.

This happens if you have in your hands version 88 of Google Chrome that is already available for download. As we told you, the Google browser already had its function to save your passwords safely and fill in the spaces you needed. If you are already a regular user, you will know that the browser will recognize the page and the moment you enter your credentials it will automatically enter them for you.

As for the novelty that concerns us, it is a function that analyzes the most vulnerable passwords for you. What you must bear in mind is that to access this feature you must have your Google session active in the browser, which is not the same as in the search engine. Once you have this activated, we move on to what you should do next.

Once you click on your profile image, you can enter your passwords if you click on the key icon and you will automatically go directly to the part where you have all the pages where you have started your session. Now you will have a button at your fingertips that will analyze each and every one of the saved credentials for you in order to find those that are repeated or that have not changed for a long time. This is important since cyberattacks can happen at any time and a vulnerability on a page, even if it has not touched you, can come back to remove your profile. Once found you can change the ones you want and thus achieve better security each time you browse.


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