Google Chrome Loses Lite Mode, Which Saves Mobile Data


Google announced this Tuesday (22) the end of Lite Mode, the data saving feature of the version of Google Chrome for Android. The novelty will be implemented from version 100 of Google Chrome for tablets and smartphones and cannot be changed or ignored by the user, as it will be a forced and standardized change.

The function has existed since 2014, still under the name of Chrome Data Saver, but it has been remodeled and rebranded over the years. In the current version, before being discontinued, it can be enabled in the app settings.

What is it for?

Lite Mode, or Lite Mode in the Brazilian Portuguese version of the operating system, helps you not only save on mobile internet, but also browse faster, as some page features were left aside for you to gain access to content of the website as soon as possible. The dashboard even displays a report showing how much in MBs you saved as it was turned on.

According to the company, there are two reasons that led to the termination of the service. The first is that mobile internet plans are already more popular and cheaper.

The second is that Chrome itself has already received several improvements to reduce data consumption without compromising page load performance. Thus, Lite Mode eventually became obsolete.