Google Chrome introduced its free PDF editor service!


Google Chrome launched the PDF editor service with Adobe. Here are the features promised by the service coming to the browser…


Adding a PDF editor to Google Chrome has been within the expectations for a while. Adobe has finally added this service to the browser for free. At this point, the popular software company announced a new extension under the title ‘The most comprehensive set of PDF tools in the browser’.

With the service coming to Google Chrome, you no longer need to download Acrobat or a standalone version. Now you can easily access it online. The fact that it was offered free of charge was another factor that made users happy.

No need to download apps thanks to the Google Chrome extension

Adobe Acrobat PDF tools included in Google Chrome are also included in Microsoft Edge. At this point it solves a huge headache for users. Instead of downloading long applications, it allows things to be done quickly through the browser. At this point, viewing and editing PDF documents directly from the browser has become a more seamless way.

Photo: Adobe

Adobe’s Chrome extension also eliminates posting attachments for group review and feedback. At this point it includes downloading and sharing it with others. Users can now quickly add comments, highlights and drawings to PDF files via a browser using a pop-up pane.

No need for additional tools for e-signature

The extension means users can e-sign documents without having to download additional tools. It also allows it to rotate pages to optimize viewing and printing, convert a PDF to a Microsoft Word document, and preserve formatting.

Photo: Adobe

How do I get the Adobe Acrobat extension?

  • Type ‘Chrome Web Store’ into the Google search engine.
  • Access the relevant page and type ‘Adobe Acrobat’ in the search bar and click.
  • Click the ‘Add to Chrome’ button on the right.
  • You can add the service to your browser by clicking the ‘Add extension’ button from the notification box at the top.

What do you guys think about the PDF editor coming to Google Chrome? Do not forget to share your ideas with us in the comments section!


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