Google Chrome: Don’t leave traces while browsing


The more time you spend in Google Chrome, the better it will know you, it may know your tastes better than your own mother. No kidding, the algorithm is so developed in exploiting your preferences that sometimes it scares. The fact of spending hours in front of the browser looking for things, watching videos, listening to music and browsing pages of a thousand and one different topics causes more and more data to be collected about your tastes.

And there are also likely things that you’ve seen that you don’t want others to see. If you think about it, a glance at your Google Chrome history can give us a very personal insight into ourselves. A right or wrong image.

Also, you may have seen things that you don’t want others to see. If you stop to think about it, the simple act of opening your Google Chrome history exposes you in every way.

In order to preserve your privacy there are endless ways. If you want to see pages of sensitive / personal content, you can open a private window instead of a new window. In this way, your browsing will not be reflected in the history.

Another widely used option is to erase history and all kinds of data before exiting Google Chrome. In this article we are going to show you several ways to do it efficiently.

Clear history manually

Imagine that you have visited certain pages or have made according to what searches from Google Chrome. You may have forgotten to access from private browsing, or you just didn’t consider it. The fact is that before exiting Google Chrome you want to erase your trace.

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Suppose you have visited certain pages or have done a search in Google Chrome. It is possible that you have forgotten to access through private browsing or you simply did not want to enter that way. The simplest way is to delete the history manually.

1. We go to the More button of Google Chrome.

2. We click on History> History.

3. Then on Clear browsing data.

Keep in mind that, although it refers to history, in addition to History it includes Cookies and Cache Memory. Come on, there will be no evidence on your computer of what you have seen.

The ideal thing about this system is that you can choose and select to delete what you want. You can choose which part to delete, from when or which to delete (one or more links, the cache …).


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