Google Chrome copies Firefox feature to manage tab


Chrome developers are experimenting with a new feature for tab management. Users of version 88 of the browser can use the scroll of the mouse, trackpad or buttons to switch between the tabs open in the top bar of the browser.

Google is still testing options with different widths for the tabs in Chrome Canary 90. To use the function – identified as “Scrollable TabStrip” – it is necessary to make a previous configuration. The novelty is available in Chrome 88 for Chrome OS, Linux, macOS and Windows.

This is not the first time that the company proposes an outlet for users who leave many tabs open. In September last year, Google released a feature for all users that allowed them to group tabs together. Currently, when opening many tabs in Google Chrome, the tabs become smaller and smaller until the user can only differentiate them by the symbol of the site.

How to enable the feature in Google Chrome:
1. The first step is to check for updates available and, if so, install them;
2. Next, access the “chrome: // flags”;
3. Search for “Scrollable TabStrip”;
4. Next to “Scrollable TabStrip”, click on “Default” and choose the option “Enabled”;
5. If you want to enable the buttons, repeat the previous step in the option “Scrollable TabStrip Buttons”.
6. Restart the browser