Google Chrome: Autofill passwords and cards is safer


Google has extended the security of the Google Chrome browser in the auto-complete feature, which automatically fills in some information previously provided by the user. From now on, credit card data and passwords already registered will be added to purchases and registrations with greater agility and protection.

Instead of asking for the card’s three-digit security code, for example, the browser will now do a biometric confirmation – like a fingerprint reading. The same goes for logging into a social network, with a window popping up on the screen with instructions.

In both cases, it will still be necessary to enter this information in the first entry, to store the data. The idea is to reduce fraud and also the accidental use of their accounts – which can prevent accidents such as the accidental purchase of microtransactions by children in mobile games on their parents’ account.

Biometric data is stored only on the device, which means that Google does not have access to that information. The novelty is already available in the browser for Windows and Mac will be added in Chrome for Android in the coming weeks.

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