Google Chrome 92 Should Make Permissions Management Easier


Google Chrome 92: Over the next few weeks, anyone using the search giant’s browser will receive Google Chrome 92. The update, whose distribution has already begun, will carry features that, the company promises, will improve the protection and privacy of the public on the network, such as easy permissions management.

First, the company details, additional security controls will assist in tracking and modifying grants made to websites. All you have to do is click on the lock icon, located to the left of the address bar, to check the settings, such as microphone access, location and others, and change them.

In the beginning, smartphones and tablets equipped with Android will have the news, but big tech plans to contemplate more platforms with the benefits in the next releases. In a future release, Google points out, deleting browsing history records by the approach will also be a possibility. However, there are more robust features planned for Google Chrome 92.

More speed and security

Additional actions, unlocked in the iteration, will complement the user experience. For example, relevant settings will be quickly displayed when typing commands in the address bar, such as “run security check” and “manage security settings”.

Finally, the new version also features improved website isolation and automatic phishing detection, benefiting from improvements in image processing that make it 50 times faster and reduce device battery consumption.

In Google’s words, such checks cover a wide range of sites and extensions, not to mention that other adjustments not described should optimize speed while using the solution.


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