Google Chrome 86 will power up web applications


Although web technologies have developed at an impressive level in the past years, local practices are still the priority of people in some areas. In this choice, the structure of internet browsers and the application of an intense protection against the virus threat are effective. However, with the version of Google Chrome 86, it is preparing to offer innovations that can change this situation.

The internet giant will bring new tools to developers in Chrome 86. Thanks to these tools, it will be possible to have a much richer and more powerful experience in web applications. In this way, the gap between native applications and web applications will be closed.

The access of a web page to the basic hardware of a computer or phone is very limited by design. This restriction needs to be in place to prevent a rebellious Javascript from taking control of the hard drive or touchscreen. However, this prevents web applications from doing even simple tasks such as opening or saving files.

The Local File System application protocol interface (API) presented to the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) aims to solve this problem. Thanks to the system in question, photo and text editors will be able to access the files on the device through the local file dialogs on the platform. In this way, web applications will look and function like a native application.

google chrome 86

Chrome 86 is also starting testing for secure payment verification. The system built on the Web Authentication API will meet the requirements of banks for online payments.

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Google Chrome 86 beta is also starting tests for the WebHD API. Thanks to this feature, it is easier to support game controllers. In this period when online gaming platforms such as Stadia are emerging, the presence of this opportunity is also important.


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