Google Chats will allow you to invite ‘external contacts’ to chats


Google Chat will allow external contacts to participate in chats for G Suite corporate profiles. For this, administrators will need to send an invitation to the desired people, who only need to have a Gmail account (personal or professional).

After accepting the request, they will appear in Google Chat with the marking “External”, highlighted in yellow. Also to facilitate navigation, the app will allow the creation of chat rooms and groups dedicated to these situations, which will also receive the indicated stamp. However, it will not be possible to add this type of user to sections created before the update.

The changes will facilitate the communication of companies with other contacts, such as customers, suppliers and partners. That way, you will no longer need to use external apps, such as WhatsApp, to exchange professional content messages.

The Google Chat update is part of a new branding of the tool, formerly known as Hangouts Chat, for the corporate environment, and will start to be released automatically from May 26 (Wednesday) to service accounts .


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