Google Changes YouTube App Design


Various changes are made in the design of YouTube, the world’s most clicked free video streaming application. There will be no change in functionality with the new design change.

Google continues to test its ‘Shorts’ feature, which will rival TikTok on YouTube, the world’s largest video viewing platform. However, it seems that Google is also changing the design of the YouTube app.

According to the news in the Digital Information World, Google will change the design before the Shorts feature comes on the screen of the Android YouTube application. In the new design, it seems that a button with a slightly larger size than the others comes. In addition, there are various positioning changes.

New design of YouTube application

First of all, it is seen that the notifications button has been moved to the top right and the camera button, which is located just to the left of the search button, has been removed. In addition, at the bottom, the Create button with a large plus sign in a circle draws attention. It is also seen that this button is bigger than the other buttons next to it.

YouTube states that by adding a new button and making it more visible than others, creators have simplified the process of creating videos on mobile devices. While there are no changes on the functions side, there are only some changes in appearance and accessibility.

With the 15.30 release of the Android YouTube app, this new design was made available in India. YouTube has announced that the new design will be coming to iOS soon, and the new design will also be sent to iOS and Android devices worldwide. However, there is no clear information about the exact date of this update. It is thought that Google may release the new design close to or with the Shorts update.

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