Google celebrates World Emoji Day and makes 992 redesigns


Google: Today, July 17th, is World Emoji Day! To celebrate the date, Google is redesigning no less than 992 of its ideograms and smileys, whose goal, according to the company’s blog, is to make them more “universal, accessible and authentic”. Designed to officially arrive in the fall aboard Android 12, the new reactions will be on all platforms later this month.

That means we’ll soon see redesigned emojis applied to Gmail, Chrome OS, Google Chat and YouTube Live Chat. None of the changes are too drastic, but a few tweaks make it easier for a larger group of people to understand each emoji.

What changes in Google emojis?

According to Google’s creative director, Jennifer Daniel, who signs the blog post, emojis have a global audience, which is why they should have relevance to everyone without distinction. As an example, she cites the case of pie, which for Americans means a classic (pumpkin) pie, but has gained other meanings around the world.

In other cases, emojis are so small that they disappear from the screen. The Google redesign provided more prominence and boldness, such as the croissant and bacon symbols, now more “tasty”; the scissors, which became sharper; and new sizes for cars and taxis.