Google celebrates with black cat and ghost in 3D


Google got into the Halloween mood and decided to celebrate Halloween with the augmented reality features of its search engine. Using a cell phone and the search tool, the user can view costumed animals, skeletons and even a 3D ghost in the living room.

The function is available on the Google app for Android and iOS. The visualization of three-dimensional objects is available for any cell phone and can be accessed by searching for certain terms in the search engine.

However, some functions are limited. Google also allows you to place 3D objects in the real world, but for that you need a cell phone that supports augmented reality features.

How to see ghosts and costumed animals in 3D on Google
To view 3D animals and Halloween effects on your smartphone, open the Google app and go to the search bar. Then enter one of the following terms: cat, dog, skeleton, halloween or jack-o-lantern.

Slide the search results page down until you see a window with the “See in 3D” button. The search engine will open a blank page that allows you to view the object in three dimensions.

To insert the 3D element in a real environment, simply slide the open page down and look for the “See in your space” button. If the option does not appear, it means that your device is not compatible with the function.

If you have a mobile phone compatible with augmented reality, the 3D object will be displayed with the camera of the mobile phone. Thus, it is possible to capture videos and images with the three-dimensional elements. By dragging the screen upwards, Google also allows you to switch between models quickly, making it easier to use the function.

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