Google celebrates the life of writer Alexandre Dumas


The Google searcher doodle displayed worldwide this Friday (28) is a tribute to the French writer Alexandre Dumas. The author is responsible for works such as “The Three Musketeers” and “The Count of Monte Cristo”, which is the theme celebrated by the company.

On August 27, 1884, the first chapter of the book was published in the Parisian newspaper Les Journal des Débats, which was initially launched in serialized format over two years.

The work was summarized in the doodle by means of illustrations that show the classic trajectory of Edmond Dantès, which involves betrayal, deceit and search for revenge. The story has already been adapted several times for cinema, theater and TV, either using Dumas’ plot or in homage format.

The illustrator responsible for the drawings is Matt Cruickshank, who decided on a more modern line to tell the story in an attempt to both honor and present the work to users.

To access the drawings and remember the work of Dumas, just access the Google search homepage through the browser. Click on the images or use the directional arrows on the keyboard to advance or return to the story.

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