Google celebrates release of Suez Canal with easter egg


In recent days, the population has been bombarded with news about the ship Ever Given, which ran aground in the Suez Canal last week. Fortunately, the freighter was moved yesterday (29) and returned to its normal route. The resolution of the accident, which resulted in a loss of approximately R $ 300 billion to the world maritime trade, was celebrated around the world, including by Google.

Bigtech hid an easter egg on its search engine. All users searching for keywords, such as Ever Given or Suez Canal, find an animation with small boats “sailing” just below the search bar. The easter egg, however, can only be viewed in the desktop version of Google.

Remember the case

The ship ran aground on Tuesday morning (23) after the arrival of a strong sandstorm, which made it impossible to see. With 400 meters in length, 220 thousand tons and stopped diagonally, the freighter blocked the passage of one of the busiest routes in the world. The channel offers the shortest route between Europe and Asia, and it is estimated that about 12% of all global trade in the region passes. To solve the case, the ship received a special “little help”. The full moon, which was almost reaching its perigee – the moment when it comes closest to Earth – contributed to the rising tide in the region.


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