Google celebrates Perseverance landing on Mars


If you’re looking for news about the landing of NASA’s latest Mars rover Perseverance, Google is celebrating with you the scout that successfully landed on the red planet last night.

The Mars rover has landed smoothly on Mars and will set out to search for remains of life and collect samples at Jezero Crater.

Google celebrates Perseverance

Perseverance Rover, which successfully landed on Mars 7 months after its launch as part of the Mars Exploration Program, will search for remains of life on the red planet 130 million miles (about 200 million kilometers) from Earth.

In the $ 2.5 billion project, the exploration vehicle traveling to Mars, the only planet in the universe known to have life outside of Earth or living conditions, will collect the remains in the Jezero Crater and bring them to NASA in the coming period.

Google, which celebrated with its doodles on important days, signed a different celebration today. When you search the search engine with the word Perseverance, you will see a celebration show with fireworks.

It is very curious what the discovery vehicle will find in the coming period and what awaits humanity.


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