Google Celebrates Euro 2020 and Copa America Finals With Easter Egg


Google: This weekend, we saw the end of EURO 2020 and Copa America, and it seems that Google has decided to celebrate the results of the championships with small fireworks themed in the colors of the champions — Italy and Argentina. Search page users noticed that these animations appear after searches like “Euro 2020”, “Argentina” and “Italy football”—the joke doesn’t come up if you search for the losers.

The EURO 2020 final took place this Sunday (11), with Italy’s victory on penalties over England. The English goal came in the first two minutes, but the Italians secured a draw with Bonucci.

Goalkeeper Donnarumma was the highlight of the match with two saves during penalty kicks — he was also named best player in the league by UEFA.

On Saturday (10), the Argentines ended a 28-year drought after Di María scored in the 21st minute. This was also Messi’s first title with the national team.

In addition to the small animations that form the flags of the winning countries, the company also offered two buttons, at the bottom of the browser, for replaying the fireworks and sharing the page on social networks. If sent to Twitter, for example, the user will post a link to the survey with emojis.

Easter Eggs Everywhere

This isn’t the first time Google has “dressed up” the search page. If the consumer types “do a barrel roll”, the page will rotate 360° — a reference to the Star Fox 64 game.

You can put “Google Gravity” in the search bar, click the “I’m feeling lucky” button, and the entire home page will collapse to the bottom of the screen — it’s still usable. The site also has versions in the “language” of pirates and even Klingon.

Other important events also gained pages

customized in the service. The Ingenuity helicopter, which is part of NASA’s Perseverance rover, for example, won a tribute on the search page. After typing “Ingenuity NASA”, a 3D model of the drone will be present in the right corner of the browser. Click on the vehicle and it will follow your mouse cursor.

When the Ever Given ship locked the Suez Canal in March, Google also showed small thumbnails of the freighter crossing the site, but the reference is no longer available.


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