Google Can Work From Home For 1 More Year


Google plans to have 200,000 full-time and contracted staff working from their homes until at least July 2021. Many technology companies have announced their long-term plans for their staff to work from home due to the global coronavirus outbreak. Google’s extension of working from home for another year can be considered as the first example of its field.

According to the news of The Wall Street Journal; The decision on the issue was taken at a meeting last week, attended by both Google and the roof company Alphabet, Sundar Pichai.

The Internet giant has previously stated that it plans to open some offices as of July 6, but employees will not be required to visit the offices. It is said that the desire to eliminate the ambiguity of working time from home plays an important role in Pichai making this decision. In the news of The Wall Street Journal, uncertainties about the situation of schools in the USA especially cause problems for employees with children.

Facebook, Twitter, and Square have previously announced that working from home will turn into a permanent company policy. Twitter and Square will do the transformation sooner. On the Facebook front, this transformation will spread over time.

Google has yet to make a statement regarding the claim that the working time from home will be extended for another year.

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