Google Camera 8.1 brings Pixel 5 features to other models


Pixel smartphone users have one more reason to celebrate this week. In addition to not being affected by the end of unlimited Google Photos storage, the phones in the line have started to receive the Google Camera 8.1 app, which features Pixel 5 functions.

According to reports from users of the brand’s devices, Google has started distributing the new version of Gcam via the Play Store. While edition 8.0 already featured the Pixel 5’s camera functions, users could not download the app directly from the Android store.

For those who have an older Pixel smartphone, the new features of Google Camera 8.1 start right away when you open the app. The tool has a redesigned interface, which can be seen above on a Pixel 4 XL.

In addition to the updated interface, Google Camera 8.1 also features capture tools that debuted with Pixel 5. Older phones in the line can now enjoy portrait mode with night vision and cinematic capture – see all the news here.


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