Google Calendar Tricks To Help You Not Miss Your Plans


We have prepared Google Calendar tricks for you, which will be useful for those who do not hesitate to plan and want to control the time.


Being late for a meeting, appointment or anything is something that no one wants. This is where calendars come into play. Like all calendars, Google Calendar visually keeps you on the right track and on time.

Even if you’re the type of person who has it all planned out, some things get really complicated. But with Google Calendar, schedule management and planning become even easier. Here we present to you the most important Google Calendar tricks to better manage your time, avoid meeting confusion, and not be constantly bombarded with papers.

What does Google Calendar do?

There have been days when everyone forgot about meetings or appointments. Especially people close to you may blame you for not remembering their birthdays. You can put a stop to all these problems thanks to Google Calendar.

Today, digital calendars have replaced analog calendars or agendas. Google Calendar, which has a structure that divides days into hours, offers the service of planning all the events you will organize or attend with all its generosity.

Google Calendar tricks for better planning

Choose the time that is suitable for everyone.

If you are creating a schedule with multiple people and you may not be sure which time is best. For this, Google Calendar has a useful feature that lets you see everyone’s availability. For this process, you can check the availability of the people you will invite by entering the event details.

Show map location.

Are you planning to hold a meeting in an unfamiliar place? One of the features that Google Calendar offers is that it automatically synchronizes with Google Maps. As you type the meeting place, Google Calendar estimates your location and provides you with many results.

Organize virtual meetings.

Sometimes the people who need to attend the meeting may be far away. However, this does not prevent the meeting from being held. Click on the “Add a conference” option to turn your meeting into a virtual meeting. In this way, anyone who needs to attend the meeting can attend the meeting with peace of mind.

Set events to repeat.

Instead of recreating an event, you can choose how often to repeat it. This feature makes it easier to manage regular activities such as an ongoing team project.

Recover deleted events.

Accidentally deleted an event that was created? Don’t worry, you can recover all deleted events within 30 days. To do this, go to the settings icon in the upper right corner of the overview page and click on “Trash”.

Activate your world clock.

If you work with people from different continents, this feature is for you. You may have a hard time figuring out what time is best to schedule a meeting with them. However, you can easily schedule meetings by enabling “World clock” in your Google Calendar settings.

Increase your productivity with Google Calendar

Who would have thought that Google Calendar had so many features inside? Start by using the features of Google Calendar to improve your workflow thanks to this application that provides you with an easy plan management.

What makes all the features of Google Calendar more useful is that it allows you to have many calendars to keep track of different aspects of your life separately. In this way, it can contribute to your productivity in different areas.


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