Google Calendar adds RSVP option for virtual event attendees


Google Calendar adds RSVP option for virtual attendees. As companies large and small make decisions about how to return to face-to-face work, a hybrid work life, where working from home is more common and expected, is beginning to seem like a greater reality in the future. Google also plans to expand its RSVP options in the next few weeks by adding a feature that allows users to say in Google Calendar invitations whether or not they will virtually attend an event to accommodate hybrid workplaces.

Virtual attendees will be able to state their status in the event details via a new drop-down menu that can be viewed by the host and other guests. The company thinks that stating how people plan to attend an event will help organizers know what to expect and allow them to know ahead of time attendees who will likely not be physically in the room. While the new options are currently limited to invitations in Calendar, Google plans to bring them to invitations that appear in Gmail in the future.

However, people using Outlook or iCal as their primary calendar application cannot see the new features. Google says RSVP options are limited to Google Calendar.

Making it easy to combine face-to-face and virtual work is more complicated than opening Zoom, Google Meet, or other video calling apps and getting on with your day. It’s easy to forget about coworkers, friends, or classmates who come online instead of sitting next to you. If there will be virtual participants in a physical meeting, there will be some courtesy rules that everyone must follow. For example, it would be appropriate to open the video footage of the virtual participants so that everyone can see them. However, it is important to share the information in the meeting not only physically, but also digitally. As long as such courtesy rules are observed, meetings can be held comfortably with colleagues working from home.

These new features also fit with Google’s vision that featured Workspace as a more fluid and collaborative space for productivity to happen, allowing you to @tag someone by linking products together (allowing Meet video calls to be placed right next to a Google Doc). Moreover, it includes flexible work schedules with statuses and special notifications.

Google says new RSVP options will gradually appear for all users over the next few weeks, starting July 8th.