Google Calendar Adapts To Hybrid Workspace


Google Calendar adapts to hybrid workspace. With the start of the vaccination process against COVID-19, some companies around the world are returning to offices, albeit with certain limitations. It can be difficult to organize a meeting in an environment where some are at home and some are at the office. That’s why Google has made the RSVP feature of the Calendar app more suitable for flexible workplace models.

The technology giant has started to introduce new RSVP options for Calendar invitations to users. Now, when a meeting invitation is accepted on the Calendar, a drop-down menu appears for users.

In this menu, users are asked if they want to join the meeting virtually. Both the meeting organizer and other attendees can see the virtual attendees on the list.

The new RSVP options offered by the Google Calendar application will not be seen in other calendar applications such as Microsoft Outlook for now. The company stated that this feature will soon be available for Gmail invitations as well.


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