Google Brings Brand New Feature to Image Search Results


One of the Google services we use the most during the day is undoubtedly Google images. The company continues to bring brand new features to help users with this service, which is used quite a lot.

Today, hundreds of millions and perhaps billions of people who have access to the Internet are using many different Google services, with or without awareness. Many of us use Gmail, YouTube and Google Photos many times during the day. However, perhaps the service we use most of the day is Google’s search service.

One of the first sources we refer to when searching for information, movies, series, images or many other things is Google. One of the resources we use in visual selection is Google images. Google adds a new feature to this service, which is used by many people throughout the day.

New feature to Google images
It cannot be said that we have access to too many details in Google’s image search results at first glance. In the results of the images, we see the title and URL address of the source page while the size is located at the lower left side of each image. But the search giant is making a change on this page.

Starting this week, Google is making a change in desktop image search results that gives more information about the source image. The company is preparing to bring new icons about what the source image is to the part of the images.

New icons that will appear in the lower left corner of the visuals; will show you whether to redirect to a sales page, recipe page or video content. In other words, in a search you make for shopping, you will be able to access the shopping page by clicking the images with the label icon. Of course, Google does not completely eliminate the visual dimensions. By clicking on the image, you will be able to access the size of the image.


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