Google Bans Ads On Videos And Sites That Deny Climate Change


Google announced last Thursday (7) that it will ban ads and monetization of YouTube sites and channels that have negative content about climate change.

The initiative, according to big tech, was designed after partners showed concern involving the subject. “We hear directly from a growing number of our advertising partners and publishers who have expressed concern about ads that run or promote inaccurate claims about climate change. They simply don’t want their ads to appear next to that content,” he said in a statement.

In contrast, YouTube content creators also say they don’t want weather-denying ads in their videos.

The company explains that the ban will apply to content that “denies human contributions to global warming or treats climate change as a conspiratorial farce.” To monitor whether the measure is being met, automated intelligent tools will be used, in addition to manual reviews by the responsible team.

The search engine also emphasizes that the context of each content will be evaluated individually. Thus, subjects that only discuss false allegations — making it clear that they are not facts — will not be prohibited. The measure will officially go into effect in November.


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