Google Assistant To Present Free Event on AI in Brazil


Google Assistant: This Thursday (23) will take place the only event 100% “voice first” in the country. Presented by Google Assistant for the second year, the NewVoice Summit 2021 aims to debate the trends for the growth of the voice assistant market in the country. The Summit will take place virtually from 9 am to 6 pm on the 23rd, and there is free registration that can be done on this link.

The presentation includes topics such as strategies and news from the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa voice platforms, the adoption of voice-commerce, the evolution of smart home systems and integrations between devices, in addition to the creation of interactions such as voice games. The event will have a total of six panels in its schedule and will feature special participations, according to the organizers.

The keynote address, which will be given by Rebecca Nathenson, Director of Products for the Google Assistant Development Platform, will talk about trends and perspectives for the evolution of voice technology. Another international appearance will be Bradley Metrock, CEO of Project Voice, who will present the global voice market landscape, growing app base and smart devices.

The event also includes the participation of Bradesco, Natura and Accenture, who will share their experiences with voice assistants. IBM Brazil will present its advances with Watson, its artificial intelligence platform.

In October this year, Alexa will complete two years speaking Portuguese. Talita Bruzzi Taliberti, manager of Alexa in Brazil, will be at the event and will tell what the assistant’s next steps will be around here. In recent years Alexa has already launched skills and integrated a series of smart devices, including light bulbs, televisions and security equipment.


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