Google Assistant Says The Terrible Fast Place In Eminem’s Song Of Godzilla

Google introduced the audio web page reading feature it added to Google Assistant at CES in January this year. Some users have already started using this feature of the Assistant in very creative ways.

Google virtual assistant Google Assistant gets many new features as time goes on. The last feature added to the voice assistant was the ability to read a web page out loud. Of course, users started to use this feature in very creative ways.

Google Assistant’s Godzilla performance

Eminem, the most popular name in rap music in the world, released the album Music To Be Murdered By earlier this year. Another song that Eminem brought to life was the Godzilla, especially in the album where the Darkness track attracted attention.

A YouTube channel called Zerodown Gaming also voiced Godzilla, one of the most popular tracks of the album Music To Be Murdered By, to Google Assistant and uploaded it on March 5. YouTuber opened the page with the lyrics of the song and activated the text reading feature of the assistant. After the assistant started reading the words, he increased his speed 2.2 times. As a result, we can say that Google Assistant is performing very well.

Search giant Google showed this feature of its voice assistant at CES 2020 in January. The feature was added to read aloud articles on websites. Google Assistant also states by highlighting the words it reads, as in Live Lyrics in Apple Music. In addition, this feature can be translated into 42 languages. We can say that this feature of Google Assistant will be used by more users in the future.

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