Google Assistant receives new functions in update; check out


Google Assistant: Starting on Wednesday (14), Google Assistant will be able to offer even more functions to assist the user. Among the novelties are the possibility to control routines according to the time of sunrise and sunset for each region, place delivery orders and even track lost cell phones – a feature that is also available for the iPhone!

The update allows Google devices, such as the Home Mini and Nest, to call the user’s cell phone even when they are in “Silent Mode” or “Do Not Disturb” – something that did not occur in the first implementations of the feature. To use the function, just tell the Assistant the command “Ok Google, find my phone” and the device will make the connection immediately. For iPhone users, you will need to give permission to the application for the order to work.

Smarter homes

Similarly, Google Assistant has also implemented new features for users looking for better home automation, offering support for routines activated according to the time of sunrise and sunset, according to the geographic position of the user.

In simpler terms, this means that it will be possible to make requests such as: “turn off external lights at dawn”, “lower curtains at dusk” and etc. The novelty also allows setting margin adjustments in the time of up to 4 hours, in both events.

And the news for the more organized doesn’t stop there. Google has also implemented a page called Ready-Made Routines (something like Ready Routines or Instant Routines), which gives users the ability to select popular sets of commands and create shortcuts on the devices’ home page.

Faster orders

Finally, the Google Assistant will also be more integrated with Maps and Duplex, being able to assist the closing of orders for delivery to restaurants listed on the service’s maps. After choosing a meal and selecting the checkout option, the Assistant will automatically fill in all user data, speeding up the process.

However, this novelty will be restricted to North American restaurant chains that adopt the Duplex, with no expected arrival in Brazil. The rest of the newly announced features for Google Assistant will arrive soon in all countries.


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