Google Assistant on your Samsung TV this month


That AI digital assistants are not the future, but the present is something already taken for granted, because we not only have them on mobile phones, but also on other devices such as Smart TVs. In fact, if you have a Samsung brand TV, you can choose between two IA assistants: Bixby, launched in 2018, and Alexa, compatible since the beginning of this 2020. Although in just a few days there will be a third to choose from.

Google Assistant on Samsung TVs

Available now in the United Kingdom, France, Germany and Italy, Samsung Electronics has announced that from the end of this month of November, the company’s televisions in Spain will have the Google Assistant integrated. It will also reach 12 other countries, including Brazil, India and South Korea.

Google Assistant will allow you to search by genre, director or actor. In addition to finding new TV shows and movies to watch, viewers can ask Google Assistant, Alexa, or Bixby for things like knowing the weather forecast, the results of a Champions match, or playing songs. The advantage is that with Google Assistant you have access to Google services such as:

– Google Search

– Google Photos

– Google Maps

– Google Calendar

Users can add another hub to any room in the house with Samsung Smart TVs, which can now be used to control lights, set the thermostat, set an alarm, or perform any other task under the command of an existing voice assistant. at home.

Compatible Models

Not all Samsung TVs will be compatible with the Google Assistant, so if you don’t have one of the following models, you can only use Alexa and / or Bixby:

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