Google Assistant now also brings news about Coronavirus


Google has started to take further steps to help the public to better inform themselves about the new Coronavirus (COVID-19). The news concerns the Google Assistant and the different interfaces of the service on smartphones.

The feature is activated when you do any type of search through the Google Assistant, either manually or by calling the voice command “Ok, Google”. Before requesting anything, you can select the “Coronavirus tips” tab to get more information about the pandemic.

According to the WCCFTech website, when you select the button, you have access to the main news of the moment regarding the disease, whether measures or government or updates regarding social isolation.

Google Discover, which is the tab with features and news normally accessed on the screen to the left of your phone, has also been slightly modified. From now on, you can receive updates on COVID-19 at the top of the screen – including symptoms, prevention and treatment. You can only select updates for your region.

Apple has previously taken similar steps involving its personal assistant: Siri already asks specific questions precisely about the disease if you ask her questions.

The update in Google Assistant to bring exclusive and outstanding content of the new Coronavirus is happening little by little. For now, it is not available to all users in some regions, which includes Brazil.

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