Google Assistant: It’s Getting Easier To Wake Up


Google Assistant, which supports the vast majority of languages ​​in the world, has been in the lives of Android users since 2016. Google, which adds innovations to its digital Google Assistant, which it developed as a rival to Siri, has rolled up its sleeves to add another one to them.

Wanting to diversify the voice commands, which are among the most important features of the Google Assistant, Google has started to develop special shortcuts that can perform the basic functions on the phones.

Special voice commands for the Google Assistant are on the way

The Google Assistant service has a feature called “Hey Google”. This command makes it possible to wake up the assistant manually, as well as perform operations on the phone by voice. For example, when you want to stop an alarm ringing, you can remotely solve it by saying “Hey Google, turn off the alarm”.

Wanting to simplify this process, Google has developed a new feature for Google Assistant called Voice Shortcuts. With the shortcuts that are currently in the trial phase, you can turn off / stop the alarm, answer / reject the call, etc. you will be able to do basic operations more easily.

Hiding the Voice Shortcuts feature under the title of Guacamole, Google added a detailed information page to the Google Assistant settings. 9to5Google has managed to reveal the new feature of Google Assistant, Guacamole, through reverse engineering method. The site, which also shared a screenshot, could not achieve the same success in operating the feature.

Google will ask you to assign a specific shortcut for each action. For example, it will be enough to just say “shut up” to turn off the alarm that disturbs you in the early hours of the morning. That way, you won’t have to make a long sentence like “Hey Google, turn off the alarm” in your current sleep state. Of course, this feature will not be limited to only alarms. You will be able to assign custom shortcuts to all allowed actions.

Guacamole is expected to be announced at the virtual Google I / O event in May. The feature, which is still under development, will be similar to the application shortcuts added to Google Assistant last year. Google enabled basic actions such as sending messages and making calls to be done with voice. With application shortcuts, Assistant can write a message to someone with an application such as WhatsApp or directly open the post sharing section on Instagram.


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