Google Assistant, integration with smart screens


Since the launch of Android 9.0 Pie, we have seen the work on the part of Google to offer tools related to the well-being of its users, which included the presentation of the application “Digital Wellbeing” (or simply, Digital well-being), something which, over time, started to be incorporated in the device configurations.

Now, it seems that Google is moving towards bringing more news related to the well-being of its users with the inclusion of a specific session within the Assistant to replace the “Sleep” seen initially in November last year, gaining news for users.

In this new change, the section in question starts to accumulate beyond the sleep area (which already existed) the integration with Fitbit line devices and the promise to manage data on “sleep, exercise and nutrition”, as can be seen in the description below .

Not least, the promise is also that the user can now benefit from devices that have integration with Google Assistant such as Nest Mini, Nest Hub Max and Lenovo Smart Clock to display data proactively.

Allow your Assistant to proactively display your information on your display devices from your connected health and fitness devices and services, such as your exercise, nutrition, sleep or wellness data.
However, it is worth remembering that, just like any other functionality configured on collective devices (that is, which is available to other family members), this data may be accessible by third parties, unless Google can somehow limit access.

Although the news has already been seen by 9to5Google staff, at least apparently the features did not offer changes or news when activated, which may mean that it is still pending adjustments.

It is also worth noting that, possibly, this new area should integrate with the Google Fit app, making it another way of centralizing wellness data, something that, at least for now, is not officially confirmed.


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