Google Assistant, ‘floating balloon’ on your phone


In the new Android 11, Google implemented ‘floating bubbles’ (Bubbles) with quick actions for notifications, chat windows and more. It is a way to interact with apps in a simplified space, in short. And, as discovered by 9to5Google, the novelty can also reach the Wizard.

The site decompiled version 11.21 (beta) of the application and was able to find lines of code that reference the feature. Going further, they managed to activate the functionality.

At the moment, the floating button with a white background is still extremely basic. When you touch it, the website reports that the Assistant panel is opened in the usual way, starting from the bottom area. It is not yet known whether Google can adopt a new interface to integrate the novelty. The lines found in the APK (Android Package) are these:

New in Android 11

Considering this, the lines indicate a function of touching the icon to speak to the Assistant; also, that the user can hold the floating bubble and drag it to close the window. By default, the new Android 11 has the function of closing windows in this way.

Currently, on Android 10, the Assistant starts when you drag your finger from the bottom right upwards. In Android 11, it is not yet clear how the feature can be activated in floating bubble mode.

9to5Google also warns that “Google may or may not launch these features, and our interpretation of what they are may be imperfect”.

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