Google Assistant Can Perform Tasks Without ‘Ok, Google’

Google Assistant: Since last week, some users have noticed a new option, called “Guacamole”, in the Google Assistant application interface in its latest version, on Android 11. When selecting it, a function to disable is noticed the famous “Ok, Google” command when performing simple tasks.

“Guacamole” is possibly a nickname for a function still in testing, which is due to be officially launched soon. However, for some undisclosed reason, the novelty ended up being released prematurely for some users – something relatively common in some Google applications.

The expectation of launch increases when we consider the arrival of the Google I / O 2021 event, which takes place next month, where new details must be revealed. So far, the “Guacamole” feature is not functional for any user and has only the description: “dispense with ‘Ok, Google’ for help with quick tasks”, accompanied by a deactivated web address with possible new information.

According to the 9to5 Google website, the resource can be used to facilitate commands directed to calls, alarms and timers, eliminating the need to use the “Ok, Google” activation command. The function, however, was already available on some Google devices, such as the Nest Hub, which allowed to say only “stop” to silence alarms, for example.

Despite the brief preview, there is still no expectation of launch for the curious feature “Guacamole”. It remains to wait for the arrival of Google I / O to check possible new details about the novelty.



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