Google Assistant Can Be Silenced With New ‘Stop’ Command


Google Assistant: From now on, muting the Google Assistant just got easier, using a new, simple voice command dictated to the tool. The change was announced by the Mountain View company in a message published on its official Twitter profile on Tuesday (25).

According to the search giant, just say “Stop” when you want to stop the big tech virtual assistant running on smart speakers and displays at any time. Until then, it was necessary to say “Ok, Google” before, to get the attention of the artificial intelligence and dictate the command to silence it.

Initially, the new feature will only be available on Google’s own smart devices, such as the Nest Hub, Nest Hub Max and Nest Audio, among others, which need to be up to date. Another detail is that the command only works in English at the moment, requiring the user to say “Stop” to stop the assistant.

The novelty is based on the quick phrase feature introduced in Pixel 6 cell phones, making conversations with technology more objective. Soon, the functionality should be released to more devices on which Google Assistant is present, including phones and tablets from other brands.

Shortcut app surpasses 1 billion downloads

In the last few days, the Google Assistant app has reached over 1 billion downloads on the Play Store. The curiosity about the billionaire brand is that it is a shortcut app, whose function is only to open the virtual assistant integrated into the search giant’s main app.

As it is a feature that is natively installed in the search engine app on practically all Android smartphones, it is not necessary to install the shortcut to activate it. Just say “Ok, Google” to call the tool or press the button dedicated to it present in some cell phone models.