Google Assistant becomes Dragon Ball Super Saiyan


In a recently discovered easter egg, the Google Assistant can become Super Saiyan by requesting “go Super Saiyan”. One of the most well-known power transformations in pop culture was taken to the assistant who imitates the screams of the anime characters.

The reference to the phenomenon of pop culture is given by an imitation of transformation into Super Saiyan made by the assistant himself – but only in writing, while the voice is limited to spelling onomatopoeia. After the speech, emotes of lightning and fire complete the easter egg, reinforcing the reference and making a quick joke about the well-known transformation of the protagonist Goku.


Unfortunately, the easter egg is stuck in the language barrier, and can only be seen if the assistant’s language is changed to United States English. Therefore, it does not work in any other language, nor are words related to easter egg properly interpreted by the app.

Remember the historical moment of the franchise:


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