Google Assistant And Siri Meet In Hilarious Video


Google Assistant: Have you ever imagined a meeting between two of the most famous virtual assistants today? In recent days, a video in which Google Assistant appears alongside its “rival” Siri has been a hit on social media. The encounter took place during the recording of the Venus Podcast.

As much as the voice of Assistant in the video is identical to the virtual assistant we know, she is not the official voice actress. In fact, Yasmin Yassine is a professional and has imitated the famous voice of the Google Assistant for years, confusing even people who use Google Translate.

Originally, the voice for the assistant was Regina Bittar, who appears alongside her in the video. She was the first voice of Google and Siri in Brazil.

Of course, after Bittar and with the arrival of Google Now, other voice actors passed for the “Google woman” status, but many people still remember the original voice of the assistant.


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