Google asks FCC for authorization to test 6 GHz frequency


Google asked the FCC (Federal Communications Commission of the USA, in a name already translated), a body similar to the Brazilian Anatel, if it could, in 17 states of the country, tests for the new 6 GHz bands, which were recently released for Wi- Fi, among other forms of use.

And, while officially saying that you only want to measure signal characteristics in apps and real environments, to make the necessary improvements in areas like signal propagation and automatic frequency coordination, the flea is behind the ear to know what, in fact, will be tested by the Mountain View giant.

There is a possibility that the test is related to Wi-Fi 6E, and it is worth mentioning that Google manufactures Wi-Fi routers, and new models should arrive to take advantage of the newly released spectrum. The US autarchy has released other unlicensed uses of these frequencies, as long as they do not hinder existing applications.

Most of the 5650 MHz and 7125 MHz frequencies that Google is asking for are overlapping with the Wi-Fi 6E bands, although the company is also requesting some of the bands above 5 GHz, and this has to do with the Project’s ongoing testing. Loon. However, Google does not provide further details and gives general statements to the international press.

Furthermore, Google promises not to interfere with the normal uses of these frequencies in its tests, especially their governmental and mobile uses, and will limit power to a maximum of 20 to 160 W, following the requirements for using 5GHz for public use.

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The 17 states where Google will test the 6 GHz spectrum are Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, Nevada, New York, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Oregon, Texas, Utah and Virginia .

In Brazil, it is possible that Anatel reduces the performance of the standard by 500MHz, at the request of mobile operators, which could use this spectrum for the 5G network. Approved in April of this year, Wi-Fi 6E promises to bring a major revolution to wireless connections for homes, businesses and even companies with substantial gains in speed and operation in the frequency range between 5.9GHz and 7.1GHz.


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