Google applies new privacy rules to apps


Following the new privacy guidelines set by Apple for branded devices and operating systems, Google will soon update applications dedicated to Apple’s company platforms with a feature that will display how much personal user data their solutions can collect. To check this information, simply access the special section in the description of the desired app.

The demands were heavily criticized by Facebook, which claimed possible losses to small businesses dependent on personalized ads, generated based on these collections – and a comparison released earlier this week revealed that Messenger, from the social network, compared to other competitors, such as Signal, iMessage and WhatsApp, are on the podium of such accesses.

However, Mark Zuckerberg’s company was the only one to speak out publicly against the measures – even though the search giant updated products for iOS the day before the new rules were implemented, on December 7, 2020. From the 8th of the same month, developers would be forced to adapt to the news, which, according to the Fast Company, suggests that the movement would have ulterior motives (deliberate postponement of compliance).

Anyway, considering the high demand common to the period, coupled with the pandemic of the new coronavirus, everything may have been a coincidence, points out the BGR, and TechCrunch indicates that Google Slides and Socratic, both from Google, have gained complemented versions one week after the guidelines come into force.


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