Google and Apple’s Corona virus tracking system is ready


As you know because of the Corona virus, many companies actively carry out new works with both countries and independent organizations. Earlier in the past months, it was announced that they would collaborate to develop the Google and Apple Corona virus tracking system. Here is the Corona tracking system of Google and Apple duo ready!

Google and Apple Corona virus tracking system is ready to use
The arms were plastered for the Corona virus tracking system, signed by two technology giants, which were stopped in the past months. The system, which has been working for a while, will follow the people who have the Corona virus. There are also detailed descriptions about the application published on Google’s blog page.

This contactless monitoring technology, which is planned to be used to monitor people infected with the corona virus, identifies people with infection and helps them quarantine processes. In this period, when states are trying to control the epidemic, the Corona virus tracking system can prevent the virus from spreading uncontrolled in more people.

Two giant companies that come together to collaborate to slow down the spread of this virus epidemic across the world want to make it easy to track the virus.

This application will basically list the people who have positive Corona virus contacts on their phones. Relevant users will then be notified that they have contacted someone who has a positive virus test. In this way, people will be able to create their personal quarantines.

Apple and Google’s Corona virus tracking system technology can be used by healthcare organizations. iOS and Android are actively updated for compatibility with these apps. This application does not use GPS because it cares about the privacy of people. According to both giant companies, they are strictly adhering to their privacy policies.
The said application will be out of use when the outbreak ends.


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